Hide photo : Kingfisher 22/04

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Hide photo : Kingfisher 22/04

I am back to my favorite hideouts for a day session with the common Kingfisher.

Of course, they will not be present permanently, but they will come by about ten times during the day, and it is necessary to be attentive, because with these small animals, it goes quickly... potentially very quickly.

As you will see in the following pictures, I "missed" the picture: a picture while he was flying, having changed my settings just before to take a cygne placide and I did not have the reflex to increase the ISO to have the right speed. And so the wings will not be sharp.

Before presenting you the common Kingfisher, some birds came to keep me company.

Eurasian Blackbird - eBird
Adult male distinctive: glossy black overall with bright yellow bill and eyering. Female dark brown overall; slightly paler throat and breast often have faint darker spots and streaks. Juvenile in summer brown overall with pale spots on back, spotted breast; first-year male duller black than adult,…
Eurasian Coot - eBird
Distinctive stocky waterbird. Adult is dark gray overall with a white bill and forehead shield. Immature has a pale breast and a duller bill that becomes brighter white with age. When walking on shore, note big feet with lobed toes. Inhabits both freshwater and brackish marshes, lakeshores, and rive…
Great Crested Grebe - eBird
Fairly common on lakes, reservoirs, and along larger rivers, mainly with bordering reeds where it builds a floating nest platform. In winter sometimes seen on inshore ocean waters (mainly in freezing weather). Breeding pairs are territorial, but flocks form in winter. Large, elegant, and long-necked…
Whooper Swan - eBird
Immense swan of frigid northern regions; breeds on the tundra, taiga, and steppe and winters in marshy lakes and wetlands, often in wild areas. Fairly straight neck, short tail, and sloping bill distinct from Mute Swan; told from smaller Bewick’s (Whistling) Swan by larger and pointed yellow patch a…
Common Kingfisher - eBird
Beautiful little blue-and-orange bird with a long, pointed bill. Often rather shy and inconspicuous despite bright plumage. Found along rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds—almost any fresh or brackish habitat with small fish. Often perches quietly in trees over water; most often seen in very fast low…