Maasai Mara : Cheetah

Maasai Mara : Cheetah
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The fastest animal in the world is slowly dying out. If nothing is done, I don't know how much longer we will be able to see them.

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Iran recently sounded the alarm that there are only 12 Asian cheetahs left in their country.

Iran says only 12 Asiatic cheetahs left in the country
Iran is now home to only a dozen Asiatic cheetahs, the deputy environment minister said Sunday, describing the situation for the endangered species as “extremely critical”.

In the Mara, the overpopulation of hyenas, but not only, is causing havoc by killing the cubs.

The cheetah, unable to climb a tree, is obliged to eat its prey on the spot and has it stolen regularly.

It is obliged to hide the cubs in the undergrowth to try to protect them.