Photography course : Somme

Photography course : Somme
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The Somme bay, its ponds and its bay, have a lot to offer for photographers. It is in this region close to my home that I find myself for a photo course with the ornithological guide Jean Michel Lecat and three friends as well as five other people to complete our group. The first day, we go in the blinds. We will go somewhere else during the day with more or less happiness.

We start with the various birds that we could see in the outposts and the unavoidable red squirrels.

Great spotted woodpecker - Wikipedia
Great spotted woodpecker
Eurasian nuthatch - Wikipedia
Eurasian nuthatch
Great tit - Wikipedia
Great tit
Common blackbird - Wikipedia
Common blackbird
Eurasian blackcap - Wikipedia
Eurasian wren
Eurasian blackcap - Wikipedia
Eurasian blackcap
European robin
Red squirrel - Wikipedia
Red squirrel

The second day, we moved to different sites of the bay of the Somme to observe seals and other birds (we are there for that).

Earless seal - Wikipedia
Earless seal
Highland cattle - Wikipedia
Highland cattle
Yellow-legged gull - Wikipedia
Yellow-legged gull
Black-headed gull - Wikipedia
Black-headed gull
Northern fulmar - Wikipedia
Northern fulmar
Northern fulmar