Samburu: Herbivores and omnivores

Samburu: Herbivores and omnivores
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In this park, we meet two species that are almost only found in this park.

First of all, there is the very elegant Gerenuk Waller's gazelle also called giraffe gazelle with its very long neck which allows it to reach its food in the bushes. It is very pretty and photogenic

We can also observe a subspecies of zebra, namely the Grévy's zebra which is distinguished by finer stripes. It is also larger than the others. I find its dress much more elegant. This species which lives only in the north of Kenya and a little in Ethiopia is on the list of threatened species, there are only about 2 600 individuals left.

We had the chance to observe, thanks to the sharp eyes of our guide, Otocyon megalotis, Bat-eared Fox. This very shy animal usually runs away very quickly when it is unmasked.

We also meet the Reticulated giraffe which is a subspecies.

We also meet the fearful Dik-Dik. They have the particularity to live in monogamous couples and on a small territory of about 0.05 square foot.

There are in this park East African oryx, a subspecies present only in East Africa

And finally baboons and African elephants