Aberdare : Presentation

Aberdare : Presentation
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Aberdare National Park - Wikipedia

Aberdare park is a mountain park. It took 8 hours to drive 400 km, and we had to cross Nairobi and its traffic jams. After the capital, the landscape becomes hilly, green and very varied.

We arrive at the entrance of the park at nightfall. Contrary to the other parks whatever the hour of your arrival they let you enter, on the other hand, considering that there is no accommodation in the corner, there is no other option.

Here, we are in another world. We’re at an altitude of more than 3 100 m and there is a beautiful vegetation. It’s hard to imagine that we are higher than most French skiing stations.

The accommodation is without electricity and of course without heat, you have to collect dead wood to make a fire in the chimney and heat the chalet. If you get there just after the departure of another group it’s warm, otherwise you just have to wait.

We have the impression of being alone in the world. The park is very little frequented, we will cross only one car per day, we are here in an atmosphere "Gorillas in the mist" ..... Without the gorillas.

Either way, I loved this park.