Maasai Mara : The birds

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Maasai Mara : The birds

One does not come to the Mara, like in Samburu or Baringo, for its birds, but they are present and if you pay attention, you can make beautiful observations.

The hardest to catch in flight is of course the Lilac-breasted Roller, which is very fast and whose departure cannot be anticipated.

We will come across the very photogenic Southern Ground-Hornbill, always on the lookout for food. It is very rare to see it in flight and I have not yet gotten this opportunity.

Secretary bird

Certainly the ugliest bird in the world, the Marabou Stork. There is nevertheless plenty of material for photos and yet it is not often photographed.

Marabou Stork

After the ugliest one we will see the very elegant Gray Crowned-Crane which spends its life with the same partner.

Gray Crowned-Crane

And we finish with the African Sacred Ibis which will have a hard time swallowing its frog.

African Sacred Ibis